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The availability of timely and high-quality specialty care is an essential part of a modern and reliable health care system. When disease or injury strike, time is of the essence and a highly-trained specialty physician is often needed.  

Unfortunately, in many communities in America, access to specialty care is not easy and is being threatened because of decisions made in Washington. The Alliance supports policies that enhance patient access to specialty care and also supports other laws and rules that protect patients and improve a physicians ability to provide the best care possible.  

To learn more about the issues the Alliance is currently focusing on, please use the toolbar on the left. In addition, the Alliance encourages all members of the public to contact their federal legislators to show their support for access to specialty physicians whenever possible. To email your Senators, please go to To email your Representative, please go to


The Alliance does not provide information on specific medical conditions treated by specialists. This type of information may be available on individual member websites.

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