The Alliance of Specialty Medicine (the Alliance) is a coalition of national medical societies representing specialty physicians in the United States. This non-partisan group is dedicated to the development of sound federal health care policy that fosters patient access to the highest quality specialty care.

There has never been a more critical time for America’s specialty physicians to have clear, effective and reliable representation before policymakers in Washington, D.C. With greater numbers of uninsured, skyrocketing health care costs, an increasing senior population, the physician workforce in jeopardy and issues of quality, privacy and access on the line, the stakes for specialty physicians are high. The Alliance offers that representation.

Among the Alliance’s highest policy priorities are:

  • Ensuring that health care reform has a positive impact on patient access to high-quality specialty care while cutting health care costs to provide a more viable system for patient care in the long term.
  • Reforming the Medicare program to ensure the greatest access to specialty care for seniors.
  • Advancing reforms of our nation’s medical liability system.
  • Improving patients’ access to the highest quality healthcare, in part, by assuring effective patient safety measures are in place.

Key Issues

The Alliance is focused on key legislative issues that affect care physicians, including:

  • Improving patient access to high-quality specialty care
  • Promoting transparency, accountability and oversight as an integral part of any health care policy
  • Supporting bipartisan efforts to improve innovation in our health care system
  • Reducing administrative burden on physicians and patients

Our Mission

Ensuring patient access to life saving and life enhancing specialty medical care.

With growing numbers of uninsured patients, skyrocketing health care costs, runaway medical liability premiums, and a growing senior population, the need for sound healthcare public policy that ensures access to quality care is now more important than ever.

It is in this critical environment that the Alliance of Specialty Medicine (Alliance) has taken a leading role in working with policymakers to help shape the future of health policy that will foster the promise of our nation’s best-in-the-world healthcare.

Made up of medical organizations representing more than 100,000 specialty physicians nationwide, the Alliance of Specialty Medicine works throughout the year promoting sound federal policy that protects doctors’ abilities to provide patients with the care they want and need.

America’s specialty doctors need a clear, effective, and reliable voice on Capitol Hill. The Alliance of Specialty Medicine is proud to be that voice.