Physician Involvement is Key To Success.

If you are a specialty physician, chances are the Alliance of Specialty Medicine is working for you! Decisions made in Washington affect every single medical practice in the country.

From skyrocketing professional liability premiums to reduced reimbursements for services and overbearing regulations, healthcare has become engulfed in the political process and specialty physicians cannot afford to sit on the sidelines while their future is debated by others.

The Alliance is a coalition of medical societies representing specialty physicians in the United States. By lobbying together, each member group is more effective in its legislative activities. To learn more about the issues the Alliance is currently focusing on, please use the toolbar on the left.

Physicians are encouraged to become involved in their own society’s advocacy and grassroots activities, many of which mirror Alliance activities, and work through those societies to advance the legislative agenda of specialty medicine.

Each year, the Alliance and its member societies ask their members to participate in meetings in Washington, respond to questionnaires and surveys, and communicate with policymakers about pending bills and rule changes. As a specialty physician, it is essential you respond to these requests and make sure your opinion is counted and your voice is heard. The Alliance is here to work for you and it is crucial that you participate in the political process.

If your specialty is not a member of the Alliance, urge your society to considering joining this important coalition.

For more information on membership in the Alliance, please contact Vicki Hart at or (202) 729-9979  ext. 101.